Paul Bilyeu

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Paul Bilyeu
Paul Bilyeu 2021 profile pic.jpg
Former Vice Chair & Treasurer
Harris County Libertarian Party
2018 & 2020 Candidate for District 135
Texas State House of Representatives
Systems Administrator
Libertarian Party of Texas
Personal Details
Occupation: Senior Partner Manager
Residence: Houston, TX
Party: Libertarian Party
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Paul Bilyeu is a Libertarian from Houston, Texas. He served 3 consecutive terms from 2018-2024 on the Harris County Libertarian Party Executive Committee. He is the former Vice Chair and Treasurer. Paul is also the Systems Administrator for the Libertarian Party of Texas. Finally, he is a 2-time candidate for Texas State House of Representatives.

Paul was born and raised in Southern Illinois just across the river from St. Louis. Following high school he enlisted in the US Navy and spent almost 9 years in the service including over 3 years aboard a Trident Submarine out of Bangor Washington. During his time in the Navy he lived and worked in Orlando, Idaho Falls and Bangor.

Following his military career, he's spent the last 28 years in various positions with Milwaukee based company Allen Bradley, now Rockwell Automation. As part of his career with Rockwell, Paul took a position in Houston in 2005. Prior to that he had held positions in Nashville and Monroe Louisiana.

Having always been either independent or Republican in his political beliefs, Paul was first introduced to Libertarianism in 2013. After a great deal of thought, conversation and study, everything about being a Libertarian just made sense. And the duopoly parties did not. From that point, he has been an all in Libertarian and a Life Member of both the National Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of Texas.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party
  • First contact with the Libertarian Party at any level - 2013
  • Libertarian Party Lifetime Member - 2017 (and again at the 2021 LP 50th event)
  • Delegate to National Libertarian Party Convention - 2018, 2020, 2022
  • Libertarian Party Membership Support Committee - 2019
  • Libertarian Party Convention Voting Process Committee - 2019
  • Libertarian Party National Convention Welcoming Committee - 2020
Libertarian Party of Texas
  • Harris County Delegate to Texas Libertarian Party Convention - 2014, 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024
  • Harris County Alternate #1 to Texas Libertarian Party Convention - 2016
  • Candidate for Texas State House of Representatives District 135 - 2018 & 2020
  • Systems Administrator LPTexas - 2021 -2024
  • Libertarian Party of Texas Lifetime Member - 2021
Harris County Libertarian Party
  • Vice-Chair Harris County Libertarian Party - 2018-2020
  • Treasurer Harris County Libertarian Party - 2020 - 2024