Arapahoe County Convention 2020

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2020 Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County Convention
Dates: March 14, 2020
Location: Aurora, Colorado
Venue: Rancho Alegre Restaurant
Facebook: Facebook
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The 2020 Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County (LPAC) Convention was an annual meeting/convention for the Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County. It was held on March 14 2020 at the Rancho Alegre Restaurant in Aurora, Colorado.[1]


The Convention consisted of amendment proposals to the LPAC Bylaws, LPAC Board of Directors Elections, as well as nominations of candidates to run in the 2020 elections for various Arapahoe County Offices.[2]

Regan Benson of Helping Hands For Dignity Coalition, Steve Ball and Dave Wasserman of the Opportunity Act Initiative were the guest speakers.[3]

Arapahoe County Board Elections

The following individuals were elected to the LPAC Board of Directors.[4]

LPAC Chair

Eric Mulder was re-elected

LPAC Vice Chair

Kat Martin was re-elected

LPAC Treasurer

Bennett Rutledge was re-elected

LPAC Communication Director

Joshua Lallement was re-elected

LPAC Outreach Director

Kevin Gulbranson was re-elected

2020 Arapahoe County Elections Candidates

The following individuals were nominated to run for Arapahoe County offices in 2020 under the LPAC banner.[5]

County Commissioner, District 1
County Commissioner, District 3
  • Kevin Gulbranson, LPAC Outreach Director. 2018 Libertarian Nominee for Colorado House District 56. (Later ran for CO House District 56)
County Commissioner, District 5
  • Kat Martin, LPAC Vice-Chair. 2018 Nominee for US House Colorado District 6.[6]