William Henry

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William Henry
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Personal Details
Military: U.S. Army
Residence: Goshen IN
Party: Libertarian
Website: http://libertyoffense.org
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William Henry is a libertarian activist from Indiana. He was a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Indiana in 2020[1] and for United States House in 2022[2]. William is a communications professional, political candidate, and military veteran who has spent several years in volunteer, advocate, and activist roles from local to national levels.


William is the Co-director of Liberty Offense, a 501 c (4) organization that works to identify and address issues within all branches of the government and media. Liberty Offense works and partners with many other organizations to address constitutional and personal rights violations and coordinate public and community action to assemble and proactively move through targeted objectives.

Political Campaigns

  • 2022 United States House
  • 2020 Lieutenant Governor of Indiana

Organizational Positions

Treasurer, Libertarian Party of Elkhart County (Indiana)