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I see in your bio that you have a lot of wiki experience. Are you interested perhaps in applying to be on the managing committee for LPedia? CarynAnnHarlos (talk) 14:35, 22 June 2019 (CDT)

Hello CarynAnnHarlos, and thank you for your message. Given that I've just made an account here, I'm not yet aware of what the managing committee is or how this project is run; at present I'm reading through the LPedia-space pages. However, I'm happy to help out here in any way I can. Regards, Vermont (talk) 17:33, 22 June 2019 (CDT)
It was requested of myself to inform you that I was invited here by MattLongCT. Thanks, Vermont (talk) 17:39, 22 June 2019 (CDT)
Take a look around and get familiar - and I'd invite you to join our next committee meeting (they are open meetings, anyone is welcome) and you can get a feel for what we do. Here is the page with the agenda and log-in information via Zoom LPedia: LPHPC AgendaCarynAnnHarlos (talk)
CarynAnnHarlos: Thank you! I've marked the date and will try my best to attend. I was clicking about the category system and noticed a problem: Category:Small l Libertarians should be deleted as it's deprecated by Category:Small L Libertarians. I changed the category of the one page that was in the former, and it will not effect anything if deleted. Also, in regard to the logo, It looks a bit outdated and a redesign should probably be looked at. However, in the meantime, could it at least be replaced with one with a transparent background? The white background conflicts with MediaWiki's fade. For how it would look, see an example at my wiki, It'd also be significantly less blurry if it were remade as an .svg file, not a .png. (my wiki's a .png) Is there a page to request administrator actions? I also noticed that your main page and page footer say contributions are released CC-BY 4.0, however in the edit window it does not specify anywhere visible what license you're releasing the content under, which might lead to problems. This could be easily rectified server-side, if I remember correctly. Thanks, Vermont (talk) 18:33, 22 June 2019 (CDT)
I guess I'll throw it out there that Vermont is global sysop on most wikimedia projects (edit conflict)MattLongCT?Talk? 18:38, 22 June 2019 (CDT)
If you can use autowikibrowser without additional permissions, feel free to go ahead. The other items, those are in the wheelhouse of some of the other committee members (such as the licensing disclosures and graphics), so I do hope you can make the meeting. It is not required to be a committee member to be an admin, just willingness and know-how, so we can discuss that at the meeting, if it would make things easier for you. The committee is somewhat broken up into areas (such as the aforementioned topics) - I am the one who handles patrolling, over-all category scheme (if you have access to a mac or mac simulator, I can send you my omnioutliner category layout file which makes very the layout very easy for planning purposes). I also do a lot of the physical side stuff with the actual records as the records archive is in Colorado under my supervision.CarynAnnHarlos (talk) 21:04, 23 June 2019 (CDT)
CarynAnnHarlos: Great! I tried to get AWB setup but wasn’t able to find what URL to use when setting which wiki for AWB to edit. What do you use? I tried and I also tried it with a www. in front and neither worked. Thanks, Vermont (talk) 21:08, 23 June 2019 (CDT)
I will need to go power up my Windows box to look up what url I was using- I bought a Windows box just to use that as I am typically apple only - I will try to get that later this evening as it is in another part of the house (not with my primary workstation). I know I had to play around with it and put a /w/ in there somewhere.CarynAnnHarlos (talk) 21:14, 23 June 2019 (CDT)


Adding a /w/ works! Thanks, Vermont (talk) 07:29, 27 June 2019 (CDT)
Hm, it logs me in but attempting to make an edit causes AWB to crash and restart. Vermont (talk) 07:39, 27 June 2019 (CDT)
I haven't used it in a while but that sounds like an AWB issue. Ed Fochler (he who does not have an LPedia article) might be the best to talk to about that.CarynAnnHarlos (talk) 09:26, 5 July 2019 (CDT)

Something I overlooked

I was getting ready to send over the NDA and Admin responsibility form and there is one portion that I do not think you will agree to. Please review and let me know and if not if you would like the committee to consider an exception as long as we privately have that information. LPedia:Administrator Responsibilities

Yes; if the committee would consider an exception to the first part of number 3, I would be very grateful. I am happy to include my contact information (email) on my userpage, although I keep my real name hidden for security reasons which I can explain in more depth if asked. Thank you, Vermont (talk) 11:47, 11 July 2019 (CDT)
Oddly enough, I wasn’t a member of the LP national party. I am now, and bought a few buttons on the online store :) Vermont (talk) 11:59, 11 July 2019 (CDT)
CarynAnnHarlos, any news? Vermont (talk) 15:35, 21 July 2019 (CDT)
Sorry, I disappear during the weeks leading up to an LNC meeting but I am back now. Last meeting we discussed a policy change, and I was tasked with providing a revised draft admin responsibilities policy for vote next meeting. The sense of the committee is as follows:
  • The NDA we keep on file at HQ needs to be signed with legal name which will then be known to the committee and HQ but unless compelled legally or ethically to prevent a NAP violation will be kept confidential
  • The volunteer using a psuedonym needs to use it consistently in LP stuff, for example, cannot be a candidate using legal name but declining to use here- this does not mean small libertarian things like socials but we are just trying to avoid sockpuppetry.
With those caveats, I think we can work something out. I have not disclosed any information I have to the rest of the committee, only that I am aware of your legal name but until you sign the NDA, right now I am the only one who knows. I explained my past experiences with stalking and harassment so that I fully understand the situation. My phone number is public - you can always call or email me if I miss a message. 561.523.2250 CarynAnnHarlos (talk) 02:54, 31 July 2019 (CDT)

Getting Started as Admin

Last night the committee approved the revisions to the Administrator Responsibilities we discussed. If you sign the NDA I sent you last week (which will then be on file with HQ staff and the rest of the committee but not publicly) and acknowledge here that you agree to the LPedia: Administrator Responsibilities I can get that done. CarynAnnHarlos (talk) 19:59, 8 August 2019 (CDT)

Hey, sorry, didn't see this; I've been a bit busy as of late. Thanks for emailing me about it as a reminder. Sending. Vermont (talk) 20:58, 10 September 2019 (CDT)
Promoted. Please make sure to update your user page pursuant to LPedia: Administrator Responsibilities. Let's get together on things you want to work on.CarynAnnHarlos (talk) 01:39, 20 September 2019 (CDT)

Why was Category: Small l libertarians deleted?

CarynAnnHarlos (talk) 00:43, 22 September 2019 (CDT)

CarynAnnHarlos, it is not necessary as this category exists. If it's better to redirect categories here rather than deletion, I'm happy to undo and fix it. Best, Vermont (talk) 21:10, 25 September 2019 (CDT)
Okay got it. No problem.CarynAnnHarlos (talk) 00:54, 26 September 2019 (CDT)