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A WikiProject Proposal to treat all candidates equally

I have proposed a WikiProject on Wikipedia that would end the unequal treatment of candidates on pages concerning U.S. Elections. If you would like to help out, visit my Wikipedia talk page for some background as well as a link to the WikiProject Proposal.

This is definitely something overdue. You just got me to make my first logged-in edit to Wikipedia for more than a year, and my third logged in edit in more than two years. 8)  My userpage, BTW, is here. I must admit I'm not fully familiar with the steps for creating a Wikipedia project, and my attempt at starting up one for ME/CFS went on the shelf when I came back from overextending myself only to find a deletion spree of months of work by myself and others -- we had reworked the main article into a group of twelve articles -- by editors and admins who rejected and presumably still reject any evidence that ME/CFS is a physical illness. I've stopped looking, as I can't afford to get as angry as I get when I see what they've done. -- Strangelv 05:55, 8 September 2010 (UTC)