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9/17 The Birthday of American Freedom. On 1787 September 17th.

True, not all will agree with all or any, but that could be any if not all, such as the positions.


9/11, IX-11-2001 is being used to steal freedoms given to Americans and honor established and laws regulating the state for the sake of Liberty on IX-17-1787. If there is a thing for Libertarians to worry about, this would be one of many, perhaps close to the central problem. A Bush, A Clinton, no matter who; they consider 9/17 as a tool to do things like what was done on 9/11. Of course why the CIA would use 9/17 to take down a building and neutralize people, I have no idea. (--User:Gzlfb 15:09, 16 Sep 2006 (EDT) 's view)

To add, use constitutional crisis to create a constitutional crisis (them). (--User:Gzlfb 04:35, 28 Feb 2007 (PST) 's view)


A big no no. Anywhere, and Ft. Meade and Langley are in the United States so they do operate in the USA.


9/17 is more important to remember than 9/11 and funny enough the Limbaugh's always preached optimism and looking at the positive, so what is the positive? September 17th.


What is worse, your own people. Those who barrow power from you committing evils towards you or foreigners? Granted it is human vs. human all the time. But American vs. American is much more an act of treason than boderless Arabs wondering and killing, well so they, who defy the U.S. Constitution claim anyway. Mind you, no different if they went after eachother.


America isn't Israel. If someone thinks they are Israeli first, why not fight themself in the Israeli army.

Sept. 17th 1787

Those are and were the laws designed as the primary, and as a forefather, Sam Adams I understand, it's a Country of Laws, Not a Country of People.

--User:Gzlfb 15:09, 16 Sep 2006 (EDT)