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It's very late in a long day but I felt it necessary to speak out.

I'd like to know how many American voters realize the precarious situation our country is in thanks to the self-serving Republican and Democrat politicians?

The USA is trillion$ in debt because republicrats engage in "credit card" spend-now-and-raise-taxes-to-pay-for-it-later programs and policies that are bankrupting the country. The consequences of this harmful practice will likely include a worldwide economic depression followed by unprecedented violence.

Does that sound too extreme? One need only look back to the horrors perpetrated by fanatical Middle East terrorists to see what desperate, misguided, brainwashed fanatics are capable of doing to innocent human beings. In a few years, when the economic bubble bursts, millions of people will lose what little they had, and then they will have nothing left to lose by turning to violence to survive.

Time is running out. Libertarians must muster the resources to shake Americans from their complacency, wake them up to the dangers we are facing. Then we need to find good candidates and win some elections.

Any volunteers?