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Hello, this is Charles Radley.

I am an elected member of the board of Commissioners of the Tigard Water District (First term: June 2005 to June 2007). I also ran twice for Oregon House of Representatives District 26. I also ran for city council for the proposed City of Bull Mountain (but the incorporation measure failed, I also did not get enough votes).

My libertarian attitudes began before the LP existed, see this link about Pirate radio.

Some contact information for me: Web site:

Email: CFRJLR (the_at-symbol) gmail (period) com (that is also my MSN ID)

AOL Instant Messenger id = CFRJLR

Yahoo Instant Messenger id = CFRJLR

Telephone/fax +1-503-579-4686

I have Vonage, so can telephone free to USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy. I live on West Coast of USA (Pacific Time Zone), please do not call after 9pm my time, thanks.

I have a Verizon Wireless cell phone, in-network calling on VW is also free, email me for the number.