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Based on scripts to do tasks ranging from creating articles for geographic features on the Moon to deleting junk wiki posts, AutoBio is designed to post bulk article stubs on people.

AutoBio is developed and maintained by James Gholston

Data Columns

AutoBio, like most versions of Autostub, works by reading a CSV spreadsheet file with the data it uses in a table.

The current columns are:

  • FULLNAME -- fully presented name
  • FIRST (previously NAME) -- personal name, usually first name or nickname
  • LAST -- last name
  • USE_FULL -- if Y: article name should be fully presented name, otherwise NAME and LAST will be used
  • GENDER -- not actually used at the moment but this may change. M, F, or blank.
  • DOB -- Month and/or year of birth, if known. May need to enter with an apostrophe -- such as 'April 1930 -- to get your spreadsheet to cooperate
  • DOD -- Month and/or year of when we lost them, if known and applicable. May need to enter with an apostrophe -- such as 'November 2000
  • AGE -- not actually used right now, and not applicable for people who are still alive
  • MASTER LABEL -- candidate, candidate and activist, state chair, et c.; special handling if it's simply 'candidate' -- other special handling is pending.
  • SUMMARY -- A second paragraph. Ideally for stuff that isn't asked for elsewhere in the spreadsheet.
  • ORG POS -- organizational positions and when, separated by semicolons. such as:
Chair, Libertarian Party of Michigan, 1973;Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of Michigan, c. 1975;Chair, Libertarian Party of Michigan, 1975 - 1978
  • DELEGATE -- delegate to what and when -- not actually used right now but would be easy to implement, otherwise I may deprecate it.
  • OCCUPATIONS -- What they do for a living as hobbies, in other areas, et c
  • WORK -- this one gets slightly complicated.
Type of work,work and year;type of second work,name of work and year
Actually, I don't have any special handling for different works. So if it's paintings, books, articles, manuals, conferences, or symphonies it's all processed the same. Whatever the name of the type of work -- possibly with a pluralizing s appended to it -- is the header in the generated article. It's very open-ended and could probably be easily gamed to include other non-work topics.
  • CANDIDACIES -- offices they've run for and when, separated by semicolons such as:
U.S. Senate, North Dakota, 1974 (Independent);U.S. Senate, North Dakota, 1988
  • PUB OFFICES -- public offices held with dates if known, separated by semicolons.
  • AFFILIATION -- main party affiliation. For most people here, this will be Libertarian
  • PROJECTS -- not used and I can't actually remember what this is here for. Possibly vestigial at this point.
  • LINKS -- links in he form of URL,description, separated by semicolons.
  • IMAGE -- name of image, if any. Image must be uploaded separately.
  • TALK -- add this to the talk page, in the format of heading,discussion, separated by semicolons for multiple topics. For example:
Question,Is this the same Kenneth Garber who's Director of Marketing for Cato?
  • QUOTES -- quotes attributed to this person, separated by semicolons. may need a solution for when the quote includes a semicolon...
  • REDIRECTS -- forms of this person's name that won't be automatically guessed by AutoBio
  • FB -- Facebook link, if any
  • TWITTER -- Twitter link, if any
  • INSTAGRAM -- Instagram link, if any

Some Articles created by AutoBio