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James D. Agnew (1955- ), b. near Rochester, NY. (B.A. Geology; M.S. Geophysics). Served as Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Louisiana from ca. 1982-1984. Served as a National LP regional representative for 5 southern states (LA, MS, AR, TN, AL) and as a delegate to the LP Presidential nominating convention in 1984 (Bergland vs. Ravenal). Ran for Congress (House of Representatives) in 1982 against incumbent Republican Hensen Moore, District 6, Louisiana, garnering 22.73% of the vote (a two-party race, since no Democrat ran against Moore).

Jim has lived and worked in NY 1955-1978, AK 1978-1980, CA 1980, LA 1980-1984, NJ 1984-1991, NV 1991-1998, and CA 1998-present. He spent 1983-2006 raising a family. Now [2006] living in Rocklin, California with his wife and the youngest of his three children. He is becoming active in LP politics again with the Placer Co., California LP. Currently serving informally as the Rocklin representative to the Placer Co. LP.

Jim is a direct descendant of both Roger Williams (the religiously-tolerant founder of Providence, Rhode Island) and Henry Samson of the Mayflower. His hobbies include a voracious reading habit, family genealogy, and collecting/restoring Citroen cars. Professionally, he worked in private geotechnical consulting for 18 years, for the California Geological Survey for 7 years, and is now Chief Seismologist with the State of California, Dept. of Water Resources, Earthquake Engineering Section, in Sacramento.

He is still interested in seeking and promoting Libertarian solutions to current problems created by Republican (Fascist) and Democratic (Socialist) meddling. His interest in Libertarian politics began while a graduate student in 1980, when his mother sent him a book by Ayn Rand entitled "The Fountainhead." He recommends all of Ayn Rand's books to current and future Libertarians. Also recommended are the writings of Thomas Jefferson and Tom Paine, as well as Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and David Bergland.