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Historical Charts

19 charts and maps of the Libertarian Party based on data I've come across or put together myself:

A link to the data and sources is on every image. It goes to a Google Drive spreadsheet. I can't post a direct link because it is blocked on LPedia by a spam filter. Data includes Richard Winger's entire Libertarian Archive and additionally 2017 data, a few write in candidates and special elections that he missed, as well as a few thousand additional local election results. There is also a lot of information from old issues of Ballot Access News, the Federal Election Commission, Libertarian Membership Reports (not all of which are available online), information gleaned from old issues of LP News, and more.

The charts and maps show:

1. Active Members/Total Donors to the LNC, 1972 - 2017
2. Active Members/Total Donors to the LNC, 1988 - 2017 in a 4 year cycle
3. LNC Annual Revenue, 1979 - 2017
4. Presidential fundraising and cost per presidential vote, 1972 - 2016
5. Presidential ballot access following midterm elections and ballot access at election time
6. A collection of surveys identifying the percent of ideologically libertarian Americans
7. Signature Member growth, 2005 - 2017
8. Map of signature members per million population by state in 2005
9. Map of signature members per million population by state in 2017
10. Voter registration, 1980 - 2016 and percent change in 2 year increments
11. Minimum unique voters, 1972 - 2016
12. The number of voters per 1 Libertarian voter
13. Map of the minimum percent of voters who voted for a Libertarian in 2016 by state
14. Ratio of unique voters to voter registration, 1980 - 2016
15. Comparison of the growth rate of voter registration and the growth rate of the percent of minimum unique voters
16. Number of candidates and share of the vote 1972 - 2017
17. Map of the number of candidates for state legislature and average result by state 2010 - 2017
18. Total votes cast for all Libertarian candidates in non-primary elections, 1972 - 2016
19. A theory of Libertarian Party participation

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