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Even if you do not feel the LP should adopt "LP" as its logo, please do not write over the content.

Liberty Penguin (LP) is a sociopolitical blog documenting the thoughts of small group of friends hailing from the Tampa, FL area. The name Liberty Penguin was chosen due to its association with the Libertarian Party and the moderate, common sense viewpoints which the party stands for. Each contributer’s opinions are their own, but more than likely they also mirror the viewpoints of others. Liberty Penguin consists of

   * Jaxter – Founder/Contributor/Editor
   * Scuba Steve – Contributor
   * Beeberly – Contributor
   * Cream Machine – Tech Guru
   * TNT – Artwork & Cartoons

We want to hear from you and have LP be an interactive community. Feel free to send us you thoughts and ideas to make this site better. Thanks for listening to our BS here on LP. We will try to make it as bearable as possible.

How About A Terrapin?

Longevity, Private, and Defends itself.

--Gölök 01:26, 21 Aug 2006 (EDT)

Why not a Duck, Bunny, or some might want a Bull.

Penn and Teller may want a Bull.
Everett Peck's Duckman is rather Iconoclastic of Libertarian Philosophy, as is Jim K Benton and his It's Happy Bunny parody.

Lil' Penguin's and Jen Goode