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Robert Ross Lowe
Ross Lowe 1988.jpg
Libertarian Party of Alabama
Personal Details
Birth: September 3, 1952
Death: January 25, 2023(2023-01-25) (aged 70)
Party: Libertarian Party

Robert Ross Lowe, also known as Ross, (September 3, 1952 - January 25, 2023) grew up in Alabama, where he developed a deep love for the state and its people. Throughout his life, Lowe was an ardent supporter of the Libertarian Party of Alabama. His passion for libertarian principles and ideals guided him in his political activities and advocacy.

Libertarian Party of Alabama

Lowe played a significant role within the Libertarian Party of Alabama, serving as its Treasurer. During his tenure, he contributed to the party's organizational and financial stability, ensuring that it could continue promoting libertarian values in the state.

Political Candidacies

In 1988, Lowe took his commitment to libertarianism a step further by running as a Libertarian candidate for deputy circuit clerk in Alabama. Though his bid for the position was not successful, he remained undeterred in his dedication to the principles he held dear.

Later, he pursued another opportunity to represent libertarian values as a Candidate for Presidential Elector for Alabama, advocating for the Libertarian Party's platform during the electoral process.

A True Original and a Beloved Friend

Lowe was cherished by those who knew him as a true original, always leaving a lasting impression with his unique personality and sense of humor. He had a love for literature, music, and his home state, Alabama. His fondness for Joan Baez's rendition of "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" symbolized his connection to the region's history.

From Aimee Love: "I was saddened to learn of Ross's passing. We worked closely for almost a decade, and although we lost touch after I moved out of state, I still think of him often. He volunteered at every event, had an encyclopedic knowledge of policy and issues, and never failed to make me laugh after a long, hot day of collecting signatures. This photo - taken after a day of tabling at an international food festival on a scorching June day in Alabama - says it all."


On January 25th, 2023, Robert Ross "HB" Lowe passed away at the age of 70. His dedication to libertarianism and his contributions to the Libertarian Party of Alabama will be remembered fondly by his fellow party members and like-minded individuals. Lowe's memory will forever be cherished by his daughter, Layla Gibson, his longtime friend, Alice Kay O'Dell, four granddaughters, and numerous other friends he made during his journey.