Roger Girtman

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Roger Girtman
Personal Details
Birth: (1980-12-03) December 3, 1980 (age 40)
Occupation: Blogger, writer

Roger Girtman (b. December 3, 1980) is a political activist and writer. His resume includes being a published poet, an ordained minister (Universal Life Church, Modesta, CA), and an enlisted member of the US Air Force. He is also a hobbyist who enjoys playing fantasy role-playing games and designing web-pages in HTML without the aid of a WYSIWYG editor.

As a "card-carrying" member of the Libertarian Party, he has designed a quite unique website which espouses and promotes Libertarian ideals ( Some features of his site include a debate forum in a he-said/she-said style, offering four different views on the same issue side-by-side for comparison and contrast.

His own political views tend to lean more moderate-conservative, and include some 'radical' tendencies which espouse a literal interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. His stance on gun rights says that "the Constitution explicitly states that the right to keep and bear arms is specifically to provide for an ordered and well developed militia. The militia is one and the same as today's Air and Army National Guard. As such, if a citizen freely chooses not to accept the responsibility of joining the militia (the Guard), then in the same manner, he willingly forfeits his right to own a gun. Each and every right we possess comes with a corresponding responsibility. In order to practice that right, we must also accept the responsibility." In a like manner, Roger says, a citizen's right to petition for a redress of grievances is dependent upon the person accepting his responsibility to vote.

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