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Rodgir Cohen
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Personal Details

Rodjir Cohen is a Libertarian Party activist in Redlands, California.


California State Assembly, District 50 - June 2022

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Cohen was one of three candidates in the primary and received 1,577 votes (3.39%), coming in 3rd (so he did not qualify for the general election in November under California's "top two" system).

Redlands City Council, District 1 - November 2022

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This was a non-partisan race with four candidates for a single position. Cohen came in 4th with 317 votes (9.05%).

Campaign summary from "The Beacon", September 2022:

Rodgir strongly believes in restoring governmental power to the grassroots level. He holds the values of justice and equality for all people as guiding principles when teaching. As a combat veteran, Rodgir is a seasoned leader with the vision needed to stimulate the economic growth of Redlands. Redlands needs bold leaders that envision economic prosperity for our city.

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