Robert Vinson

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Robert Vinson
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Personal Details
Education: JD, International Law & Legal Studies, Barry University; BASc, International Relations & Affairs, University of West Florida
Occupation: Law Clerk, Standup Comedian, Political Activist
Residence: Pensacola, Florida
Party: Libertarian Party
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Robert Vinson is a libertarian activist based in Florida. Since 2021, he has served as the At-Large 1 representative for the Libertarian Party of Florida. Additionally, he has held the role of a state organizer for the Mises Caucus in Florida since 2020.

Decriminalize Nature

Apart from his political involvement, Vinson works on a freelance basis with Decriminalize Nature Florida. This campaign educates the public on the importance of entheogenic plants and fungi, with the goal of proposing a resolution to decriminalize our relationship with nature.


In 2021, Vinson earned his law degree. Vinson boasts an impeccable work ethic, thriving in high-pressure, fast-paced environments while always maintaining his professionalism. He is deeply passionate about aiding individuals in realizing their personal and professional aspirations. His primary ambition is to empower others to reach their potential, ultimately aiming to see the transformative impact they can bring to the world.