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Robert "Bob" F. Sherwin
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Personal Details
Birth: June 15, 1957
Berea, Ohio
Death: October 28, 2023(2023-10-28) (aged 66)
Brunswick, Ohio
Education: Associate of Applied Science in Automation Manufacturing, Lorain County Community College, 2005
Occupation: Engineering Mechanic at BioThane Coated Webbing
Residence: Columbia Station, Ohio
Party: Libertarian Party
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Twitter: Twitter
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Robert "Bob" F. Sherwin (June 15, 1957 - October 28, 2023) was a Libertarian activist and candidate who ran for political office in Ohio. He was actively involved in Libertarian Party politics, particularly in Lorain County, Ohio.

Early Life and Education

Sherwin was born on June 15, 1957, in Berea, Ohio. He attended Midpark High School and later pursued studies in electronics and computer technology at Total Technical Institute and Hickok Technical Institute. In the 1980s, he studied electronics and computer technology. Later in life, he attended Lorain County Community College, where he was recognized as the top engineering student of the year. He graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Automation Manufacturing in 2005.

Political Career

Candidacy for Ohio House of Representatives

Robert Sherwin ran as a Libertarian candidate for District 57 of the Ohio House of Representatives in both 2012 and 2014. Throughout his campaigns, he advocated for key Libertarian principles, including limited government intervention, lower taxes, and individual liberty.

During his 2014 campaign for the Ohio House of Representatives, Sherwin highlighted several campaign themes, which remained consistent with his 2012 campaign:

  • Jobs: Sherwin advocated for making Ohio more attractive to new businesses by lowering taxes, eliminating unnecessary regulations, and repealing laws that hindered free markets and competition.
  • Education: He believed that the responsibility for educating children rested primarily with parents, local communities, and school districts, rather than the federal and state governments. He argued for reduced government involvement in education.
  • Nullification and Sovereignty: Sherwin called for efforts to nullify unconstitutional federal laws, prevent federal officials from enforcing these laws in Ohio, and sequester federal taxes that did not fund constitutional purposes.

Involvement with Lorain County Libertarian Party

Sherwin served on both the executive and central committees of the Lorain County Libertarian Party. He held various positions within the party, including treasurer, vice-chairman of the executive committee, and precinct committeeman. His dedication to the party's principles and his activism made him a respected figure within the local Libertarian community.

Personal Life

Sherwin was known as a proud blue-collar worker, father, stepfather, and grandfather. He spent 14 years working at BioThane Coated Webbing in North Ridgeville, Ohio, where he was employed as an engineering mechanic. He passed away on October 28, 2023, at the age of 66, in Brunswick, Ohio. He is survived by his daughter, Dietra; stepchildren Lynn, Lisa, Rob, and Dave; and numerous grandchildren. His contributions to the Libertarian Party and his dedication to libertarian ideals left a lasting impact on the political landscape of Ohio.