Randall Garlington

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Randall Garlington
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Libertarian Party of Galveston
Personal Details
Birth: September 28, 1966
Dallas, TX
Death: April 3, 2023(2023-04-03) (aged 56)
League City, TX
Education: Texas A&M University, BS Meteorology (1992)
Occupation: Master Meteorologist, Universal Weather and Aviation
Residence: League City, TX
Party: Libertarian Party
Facebook: Facebook
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Randall David Garlington (September 28, 1966 - April 3, 2023) was a Libertarian Party activist who served as Chair of the Galveston County Libertarian Party. He attended Texas A&M University, where he pursued his passion for meteorology and earned his BS in Meteorology in 1992.


Garlington's professional journey led him to become a skilled Master Meteorologist at Universal Weather & Aviation, a prominent company based in Houston, Texas.

Libertarian Activism

Garlington was an ardent advocate for libertarian principles. He actively participated in the Libertarian Party, serving as Chair of the Libertarian Party of Galveston. Throughout his life, he demonstrated unwavering dedication to advancing liberty and promoting the values he held dear.

Organizational Positions

Galveston County Libertarian Party
  • Chair

In Memoriam

A true lover of liberty, Garlington was admired for his tireless support of those striving to uphold the principles of freedom. Garlington's advocacy extended beyond politics, as he generously helped friends and family to enjoy lives of liberty and happiness. He was known for his swift support of candidates who shared his vision of spreading the beauty of liberty to others.

Garlington's legacy as a libertarian activist will be cherished and remembered by those he inspired and influenced. His dedication to the cause of liberty serves as an enduring reminder of the impact one individual can have on shaping a more free and just society.