Practical Leadership Theory

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The Practical Leadership Theory, more commonly known to Libertarians in Queens, NY as the "Padilla Leadership Principle", is the baseline theory that leadership in the City of New York only works if it's in the field and the point of view of the people.

It's creator, Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla, is a Eagle Scout and serves as the Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Queens County.

Basic Info

The theory was created by Fuentes-Padilla during an argument with a staff member from Camp Keowa, a Boy Scout summer camp in Narrowsburg, NY, in May 2015. The argument was described by Padilla as "One of leadership failures on the part of camp administration and how it could have been better". Padilla described the result as one of the "worst arguments" he'd ever had about scouting.

Principle of Leaders

The "Principle of Leaders" is the primary term used to describe the first piece of the theory. The majority of this portion of the theory is dedicated to organizational leadership.

According to the theory:

"Leadership in any organization is something to adjust to, something that even experienced employees have to take some time to look over. Not because they aren't ready, but, because the followers aren't ready. Leaders must care more for their people than themselves, if they don't, they are in the wrong job. Leadership is about where your subordinates do better than you. If they aren't learning to be better than YOU, your not doing your job correctly."