Percy Greaves

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Percy Greaves
Personal Details
Birth: August 1906
Death: August 1984
Occupation: Author, economist, historian
Party: Libertarian Party

Percy L Greaves, Jr (August 1906—August 1984) was a personal friend of Ludwig von Mises who ran as a Libertarian for United States Senate for New York in 1974.

He was a speaker, author, Austrian School economist, and historian, financial editor and research economist for US News (1934-1936).

His foreign policy views were controversial within the party, eventually leading to his changing over to the American Party.


  • Is Further Intervention a Cure for Prior Intervention? (On Freedom and Free Enterprise: Essays in Honor of Ludwig von Mises, 1956)
  • US-Japanese Relations before WWII (with Bettina Bien Greaves), Mises Daily 2010
  • Does Government Spending Bring Prosperity?, Mises Daily 2009


Article: Why Speculators?

  • the Freeman November 1964

Organizational Positions


Public Offices

  • Chief of Minority Staff for the 1945-46 Joint Congressional Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack (with the Republican Party)

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