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Open-Source Liberty

Open-Source Liberty (OSL) is an organization of volunteers who are willing to provide no or low cost services to Libertarian candidates.

These services include graphics design, professional website development, professional photography, video, and digital media support, support building a candidate's campaign and campaign staff, training, and any other support necessary to give Libertarian candidates a professional brand.

We also aim to support grassroots efforts and local Libertarian affiliate development and management.

OSL brings volunteers and candidates together in a Facebook Group. OSL also has a Page that is used to promote our candidates and the libertarian message.

We also maintain a Resource website that contains resources to help candidates with their internet presence and other matters.

One of our goals is to document effective Libertarian messaging and policy, as well as Lessons Learned from Libertarian campaigns. These are documented on the following LPedia pages:

Libertarian Solutions

Campaign Lessons Learned