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Sorted by date of earliest available issue

Libertarian Forum 1969-1984

Premise/NJ Libertarian 1972-present

Michigan Libertarian 1975-present

LPQC/Queens Liberty (Queens, NY) 1995-2002

Florida Liberty/LPF Update 1996-2008

CMLC Liberator/Let Freedom Ring 1998-2006

Free New York 1999-2003

Virginia Liberty 1999-2014

Antelope Valley Libertarian (Antelope Valley, California) 2000-2009

Shore Liberty (Monmouth, California) 2000-2002

LP Illinois 2001-present

Libertarian Lines (New Hampshire) 2002-2009

LP News 2008-present

LP News 1987 (scanned to pdf; entire year in one zipfile)

Liberty for America 2008-present

Lone Star Liberty (Texas) 2009-2014

Liberty Beacon (Indiana) 2009-2012