Ned Hutchinson

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Ned Hutchinson
Ned-Hutchinson 1974.jpg
National Director
Libertarian Party
Personal Details
Death: March 1975
Sacramento, California
Party: Libertarian Party
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Ned Hutchinson (d. March 1975) was National Director of the Libertarian Party, a position he obtained after leaving Governor Ronald Reagan's administration. When his appointment was announced in January 1975, along with the switch of another Reagan appointee, Sam H. Husbands Jr., to the LP, it generated significant news coverage and new appreciation for the LP as a rising force.[1] [2] [3] Hutchinson passed away suddenly of a heart attack just two months later.[4]

Organizational Positions

  • San Mateo County campaign chairman for Ronald Reagan (with the Republican Party, 1966)
  • Libertarian Party National Director 1975-1975

Public Offices

  • Deputy Director for General Services
  • Appointments Secretary, Governor Ronald Reagan administration, c. 1969-74)


  • "I have regretfully concluded that the Republican Party no longer adheres to those principles of limited government, individual liberty, and the free market. The only principle that now guides the Republicans (and the Democrats) is the principle of power and survival."

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