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Myles Wakeham
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Personal Details
Residence: Arizona
Party: Libertarian
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Myles Wakeham

Myles Wakeham is an expatriate Australian, who moved to the USA in 1989 and became a US Citizen in 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona. Myles lives in Scottsdale, Arizona much of the time, but spends a large portion of his year traveling the world with his wife and daughter.

He is a self-made, financially independent person who is the host of "The Unconstrained Podcast" ( and the author of

It is Myles' goal to empower others to become financially sustainable. This is a methodology that he created and is releasing it codified in book form in late 2020.

Australian heritage & US transformation

Myles was born in Adelaide, South Australia in the 1960s. After leaving high school, he created numerous businesses as well as working in many companies, including the very first Dick Smith Electronics store in Adelaide. He was fascinated with electronics and this led to purchasing one of the very first personal computers and later, started up one of the very first computer software development companies in Adelaide, specializing in the new and emerging IBM Personal Computer. He did this at the age of 19.

This led to developing computer software for large public companies, government departments and eventually he wrote the first contract & billing system for a large submarine manufacturer, invoicing out of $5 Billion submarine build contract to the Royal Australian Navy, which he completed at the age of 22. The results of doing this gave him Secret Level clearance and he made friends with consultants all over the world, including many from the USA.

At the age of 25, he left Australia with only a duffle bag of clothes, and landed in Los Angeles, where he eventually married and remained until 1995.

In 1990, he joined a startup biotech firm in southern California, which became Amgen. He was a part of a small team that designed and implemented their entire IT infrastructure, and when he left there, they had grown to 3,800 staff with annual sales of $3.5 billion.

Myles is an accomplished musician and performed in many bands, but also used his technical skills to learn the art of record engineering and eventually worked in many recording studios in Hollywood as a freelance engineer, including working with Capitol Records in projects. In 1995, due to his mother's medical condition, he left the USA and returned to Adelaide. Unfortunately this didn't work out well for both his marriage which ended in divorce, as well as he being in a major car accident in the outback that left one of the passengers dead, and Myles with life threatening injuries. After eventually recovering, he began to rebuild his life again, and eventually remarried and had a daughter.

After receiving a call from a friend in California to return back to the states for a short term work contract, Myles discovered the Dot Com Boom of the late 1990s and eventually relocated his family to Los Angeles. After a year or so of work, they eventually left California and moved to Arizona, where he lives now.

He found the state of Arizona to be far more like his upbringing in Australia, where "the buck stops here" and you are responsible for all you do. But the biggest difference was that the opportunities of the United States meant that you were also the beneficiary of the risks and hard work that you take. That seemed to be a lost cause in so many other areas, and as a result Myles is a card carrying Libertarian party member.

Financial Sustainability

Myles found the pursuit of riches to be enticing, but also knew of the baggage that comes with that. He values peace and freedom at the highest level, and took his self-made methods throughout his life and defined a methodology that focuses on a combination of frugality mixed with avoiding selling one's time by the hour. Rather the purchase of income producing assets that generates, what Myles calls, "Smart Income" allows anyone to live off that income without giving up their time. Myles believes that Time is the finite resource we all have, but few respect it.

As he began to dig through the details of this, he discovered the "Boeing Study" which eerily paralleled his own experience with his father. Myles' father died at the age of 67 after working for his employer, a large corporation in Australia, for 40+ years. He learned through this that giving up control to an employer for everything was akin to the same loss of control and freedom that one has to large government, and as he had learned didn't end well for the victim that gave up the control. As a result, the respect of time and the respect of not having to expend labor to be sustainable became the focus.

This led into teachings, a website and finally his successful and popular podcast "The Unconstrained Podcast". Today Myles hosts this podcast weekly along with providing a community to all those that have embraced this teaching. He speaks regularly at events, and has been a guest on numerous radio shows, including some on the

Libertarian values & Open Borders

Myles believes that one should have the freedom and responsibility that comes with that. Freedom provides the right to choose who you are, who you associate with, what you do, what you can do to serve others, where you can go, when you can go and all of this comes with the responsibility of accepting the risks and failures that can happen. Life is a risk, and each day that we live we are blessed to make the most of it. If a state takes away that freedom, humanity suffers.

Living in Arizona, Myles began to explore south into Mexico with his family and discovered a beautiful country full of free people. Despite the news media giving Mexico horrible coverage, his own experiences there were with wonderful, freedom loving people, and eventually had major surgery in Guadalajara to repair the long standing damage from his car accident in the 1990s. The USA medical system is uncompetitively priced and although Myles believes that one should not rely on government provided healthcare, he is a true free market advocate which meant that he took advantage of shopping around for the best providers and best deal on surgery - eventually deciding on Guadalajara, Mexico. The outcome was incredible and the experience was 5 star. For 1/12th of the cost of US medicine, he proved that Mexico is not the storyline that the mainstream media would portray it, and as a result he is an evangelist for Mexico Medical Tourism and Mexico Dental Tourism.

In his travels, he encountered many expat Americans who had moved to or retired in Mexico because of the high costs of the USA and this led to an interview series with many on his podcast series "Get out of Dodge". He also supports and champions others in the Libertarian and Anarcho-Capitalist community, including Adam Kokesh. He also is bullish on growing the business relationship between the USA and Mexico for trade and is actively seeking out opportunities in this space.