Michael Rufo

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Michael Rufo
Mike Rufo.jpg
At Large Representative
Libertarian Party
Personal Details
Education: Rider University
Occupation: Supervising Agent at Globe Life American Income Division: Giglione Ackerman Organization
Residence: Jackson, NJ and Port St Lucie, FL
Party: Libertarian Party
Website: https://runrufo2020.com/ runrufo2020.com
Facebook: mike.rufo1 Facebook
Twitter: @rufo4congress Twitter
Instagram: @rufo4congress Instagram
YouTube: YouTube

Michael Rufo is a libertarian activist and politician known for his run as the Libertarian Party candidate for the US House of Representatives, representing New Jersey's Congressional District 4. Rooted in a blue-collar upbringing, Rufo advocates for common-sense governance and policies that reflect the values of life, liberty, and prosperity. He currently resides in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, and serves as the Region 11 Rep for the Libertarian Party of Florida. He also serves as At Large Representative for the National Libertarian Party.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Rufo later moved to Ocean County, making him a lifelong resident of areas near New Jersey's Congressional District-Four when he ran for office. He pursued his higher education at Rider University.


Rufo worked as a Supervising Agent at Globe Life American Income Division, associated with the Giglione Ackerman Organization. His professional background in sales instilled in him the values of hard work and perseverance.

Political Activism

Rufo's passion for serving his community and advocating for common-sense governance led him to step up for his community. He ardently believes that the current duopoly in American politics has failed its citizens and sees the need for a third-party candidate to challenge and break the two-party system.

Key Policy Positions

  • National Debt: Rufo emphasizes the threat posed by national debt and the need to curb government spending.
  • Health Care: Rufo critiques the current healthcare system for its corporate interests and lack of competition. He advocates for more accessible and competitive health care solutions.
  • Gun Control: While respecting individual rights to gun ownership, Rufo stresses the importance of efficient governmental action and accountability.
  • Immigration: Rufo believes in controlled borders and legal immigration but opposes restrictions based on country of origin.
  • Free Speech: Rufo stands firmly against the policing of thought and speech, emphasizing the importance of the free exchange of ideas.
  • War on Drugs: Advocating for the end of the current war on drugs, Rufo supports the legalization of marijuana and refers to Portugal's approach to drug decriminalization as a model.
  • Acts of War: Rufo calls for congressional oversight on declarations of war, opposing unchecked presidential power in this domain.
  • The Non-Aggression Principle: Rufo emphasizes the importance of avoiding aggression unless one's rights or physical well-being are under threat.

Personal Life

Rufo is a dedicated husband and father. His personal experiences and family values have shaped his approach to politics and public service.