Mark Gailey

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Mark Gailey
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Personal Details
Birth: September 20, 1959
Death: January 18, 2022(2022-01-18) (aged 62)
Education: Eastern Kentucky University
Party: Libertarian Party
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Mark Gailey (September 20, 1959 - January 18, 2022) was a Libertarian activist known for his involvement with the Libertarian Party of Kentucky. He was affectionately referred to as "Liberty Felix" by his friends. Gailey was a lifelong resident of Berea, KY, where he was born and raised. He had a diverse range of interests and accomplishments throughout his life.

Early Life and Education

Gailey attended Berea Community School and later pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Eastern Kentucky University. Alongside his academic pursuits, he had a deep passion for theater, participating in various roles such as acting, stage management, lighting, and directing. Beyond the theater, Gailey loved performing in unique ways, such as clowning on stilts or riding a unicycle. He was also an enthusiast of folk and Morris dancing and gained recognition in those communities for his dedication, warm and inclusive demeanor, and behind-the-scenes support in organizing dance events.

Activism and Career

Mark Gailey was actively involved in the Libertarian Party for many years, becoming a key figure in preserving the party's institutional memory. He was known for engaging in knowledgeable conversations and advocating passionately for fairness. In his professional life, Gailey was self-employed and took on various roles over the years, including landscaper, media specialist, and tax preparer. At the time of his passing, he was employed by Exela Technologies, where he took pride in contributing to the enhancement of healthcare records for US veterans.

Family and Predeceased

Gailey was preceded in death by his parents, Frank and Sallie Gailey, and several beloved pets. He is survived by his brother, David Gailey (Beth), and his sisters, Carol Gailey and Patricia Gailey.

Political Campaigns

Throughout his political career, Mark Gailey participated in several political campaigns:

  • State Representative, Kentucky-36 (1998)
  • State Representative, Kentucky-36 (2000)
  • U.S. Congress, Kentucky-6 (2004)
  • U.S. Congress, Kentucky-6 Special (2004)
  • U.S. Congress, Kentucky-6 (2006)

Organizational Positions

Gailey served as the At-Large Representative 1 for the Libertarian Party in 2021.