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Louis "Lou" G. Marino
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Personal Details
Birth: September 21, 1974
Holyoke, Massachusetts
Death: September 11, 2023(2023-09-11) (aged 48)
Education: Graduated from West Springfield High School in 1993
Occupation: Bounty hunter, Politician
Residence: Athol, Massachusetts
Party: Libertarian Party

Louis "Lou" G. Marino (September 21, 1974 - September 11, 2023) was a Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, running against Elizabeth Warren, until his untimely death at the age of 48.

Early Life and Personal Background

Known to his friends as Lou, Marino was born on September 21, 1974, in Holyoke, Massachusetts, to Louis A. Marino and Nancy (Lird) Marino. He spent his childhood in West Springfield, Massachusetts, and graduated from West Springfield High School in 1993. Marino married Nannette (Laux) in July of 2006, celebrating 17 years of marriage in the summer of 2023.

Career as a Bounty Hunter and Interests

Although facing disabilities in his later years, Marino pursued a unique career as a bounty hunter for a number of years. He had a diverse range of interests, including playing video games, watching Star Trek, and building models. One of his lifelong dreams was to become a politician, driven by his passion for politics.

Involvement in Masonic and Shriner Organizations

Marino was an active member of the North Quabbin Lodge of Masons and a Shriner in Springfield, reflecting his commitment to community and philanthropic endeavors.

Political Career

Marino's foray into politics began when he transitioned from being a lifelong Republican to joining the Libertarian Party. He declared his candidacy for the United States Senate to represent Massachusetts and became known for his libertarian views. His campaign garnered attention and support among libertarians in the state.

Senate Campaign

Marino's Senate campaign, announced at the Unified Libertarians of Massachusetts convention in early 2023, aimed to challenge incumbent U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. He believed that Massachusetts residents were weary of politicians who offered superficial solutions and was critical of Senator Warren's voting record. Marino's platform focused on several key issues:

  • Tax Reform: He advocated for lowering taxes and reducing the size of government.
  • Government Transparency: Marino called for greater transparency in government, emphasizing the importance of honesty and accountability in public office.
  • Taxation Reforms: He sought to eliminate or modify taxes such as Social Security and downsize federal departments like the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Education.
  • Marijuana Legalization: Marino supported marijuana legalization as a means to stimulate the economy.
  • Gender Rights: He was an advocate for gender rights, particularly highlighting his support for non-binary individuals.
  • Gun Legislation: Marino favored sensible gun legislation and police reform, emphasizing the need for balanced and effective measures.

Marino also proposed specific legislation during his campaign, including bills related to bounty hunting and the death penalty in certain criminal cases. He demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in areas such as child protection and infrastructure development.

Community Engagement and Volunteer Work

Throughout his life, Marino was deeply involved in volunteer work and giving back to his community. His dedication to service extended to various roles in municipal government, including serving as an elected official in West Springfield and engaging in roles such as chairing the Recycling Committee and serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals in Ayer.

Legacy and Passing

Marino's passing on September 11, 2023 marked a loss for both the Libertarian Party and the community he served. His campaign and passion for libertarian ideals left a lasting impact, and he will be remembered as a dedicated individual who tirelessly pursued his political aspirations despite health challenges. Marino's positive and friendly outlook, even in the face of adversity, is a testament to his character and dedication to the causes he believed in. He leaves behind a loving wife, Nannette Marino, and three children, Destiny O’Brien, Luigiella “Cai” Marino, and "son" Mason Udas, as well as many good friends who will cherish his memory.

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