Louis DeAngelis

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Louis "Louie" Deangelis
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Personal Details
Birth: January 9, 1953
Death: May 7, 2023
Occupation: Libertarian Activist
Residence: Punta Gorda, FL
Party: Libertarian Party of Florida
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Louis "Louie" DeAngelis (January 9, 1953 – May 7, 2023) was a prominent libertarian activist and a dedicated member of the Libertarian Party of Florida. Known for his charismatic personality, humor, and unwavering commitment to libertarian principles, DeAngelis made a lasting impact on both his political community and his family.


Born in 1953, Deangelis was a beloved figure known for his humor, intellect, and warmth. He was a devoted husband to Cynthia DeAngelis and a loving father to his daughter, Gina DeAngelis, and his son, Mario DeAngelis. He also left behind a legacy of six adoring grandchildren: Ashlyn, Michael, Tristan, Cameron, Owen, and Harmon.

Libertarian Activism

DeAngelis was an active member of the Libertarian Party of Florida. He passionately advocated for limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility. His dedication to these libertarian principles made him a respected figure within the party and the broader libertarian movement. DeAngelis firmly believed in the importance of standing up for oneself and never tolerating disrespect. His candid advice and feisty spirit inspired many to embrace libertarian ideals and engage in political activism.


DeAngelis' legacy extended beyond his political activism. He was renowned for his funny and caring personality, often described as the life of the party. He had a unique ability to make people laugh in any situation, bringing joy to those around him. DeAngelis' love for his family was unparalleled, and his role as a father and grandfather defined his identity. He dedicated his life to their happiness and well-being, leaving a profound impact on their lives.

DeAngelis' legacy of kindness, compassion, and libertarian activism will continue to inspire and influence those who had the privilege of knowing him. His memory will be cherished by his wife, children, grandchildren, and all who were touched by his remarkable presence.