Lisa Gansky

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Lisa Gansky
Manhattan Libertarian Party
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Education: Columbia Business School (MBA)
Occupation: Cybersecurity
Residence: Miami, FL
Party: Libertarian Party
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter
Instagram: Instagram
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Lisa Gansky is a Libertarian Party activist. After seeing Dave Smith perform comedy in New York City in 2014, laughing at his jokes about the National Debt, she soon became an avid fan of his libertarian podcast Part of the Problem. She became a member of the Libertarian Party in 2015, after many years of being a registered Independent. She was the 2021-22 Secretary of the Manhattan Libertarian Party and a member of the Libertarian Party of New York State Committee until she moved to Florida, fleeing the harsh lockdowns and authoritarian mandates in Manhattan. She enjoys social media, and tweets regularly from @LPNYofficial, @LP_Florida, and @LPMD305.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County
  • Precinct Delegate, Precinct 103 (2022)
  • Director, Communications Committee (2022)
Libertarian Party of New York
  • Member of the State Committee from Judicial District 1 (2021—2022)
Manhattan Libertarian Party
  • Secretary (2021—2022)

Libertarian Party of New York

Gansky joined the Libertarian Party of New York in 2016 and joined the State Committee as a Representative for Judicial District 1 in 2021. She continues to serve on the social media subcommittee, tweeting regularly from the LPNY Twitter account (@LPNYofficial) and periodically updating the LinkedIn page.

Committee Assignments
  • Member, Communications Committee (2021-present)
  • Member, Social Media Subcommittee (2021-present)
  • Member, Delegate Selection Committee (2021-present)

Libertarian Party of Florida

Gansky joined the Libertarian Party of Florida in 2022, and she joined the LPF Communications Committee in July 2022.

Committee Assignments
  • Vice Chair, Communications Committee (2022-present)

Libertarian National Committee

Committee Assignments
  • Member, Historical Preservation Committee (2022-present)