Libertarian Tie-Dye Caucus

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The Libertarian Tie-Dye Caucus is an unofficial caucus of the Libertarian Party. It was founded in 2018 by Mike Seebeck.

Tie-Dye Caucus Ribbon.jpg

Caucus Positions

  • We hold that the core of libertarianism is individualism, and that individualism is most easiest expressed by what we wear. If you get offended by what we wear, that's your problem.
  • We wear tie-dye because...
    • we like that it represents a nature of free expression and individuality.
    • we march to beat of our own accordion. Or harmonica. Or kazoo, tuba, or whatever.
    • we like bright and cheery colors. Too much of today's fashion and life in general is neutral, drab, dark, boring, and dingy.
    • it cheers things up and makes people smile. The world needs more of that.
  • We don't care how plumbline (whatever that is) you are in libertarian philosophy, as long as you agree with the Statement of Principles.
  • We don't charge dues and our dress code is simple: Wear tie-dye! BYO, bring it bright, and bring it often! (But bring it tasteful!)
  • We don't have meetings. We don't have Bylaws. We're kinda short on clothes hangers, too.
  • We don't have a membership roll. We might have a dinner roll, but that could be a bagel or doughnut in disguise--it depends on the meetings we go to.
  • Our mission is simple:
  1. Wear tie dye at all LP meetings, conventions, in public, to meals, to bed, to work, to the in-laws, to court, everywhere!
  2. Draw smiles from other people wherever we go.
  3. Encourage others to wear the same.
  4. Patronize small businesses that make tie-dye and spread the word about them. (No, we don't any commissions!)
  • Oh yeah, one last thing: There's no such thing as too much tie-dye!