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Libertarian Solution Radio Program

The Libertarian Solution Radio Program is a political talk show that discusses the libertarian philosophy and its practical implementation in local, national, and world politics. The program details how free market solutions, which respect individual rights maximizes prosperity.

The program airs on 50,000 watt KFNX (AM) 1100, [] based in Phoenix, Arizona, Thursdays at 8pm MST. It can also be heard live via internet streaming or in the audio archives at the Libertarian Solution website. The show's podcast is available, at no charge, on iTunes.

About the Hosts

Nick Coons - With more than seven years in radio experience, including the Gutsy Geeks and the PC Chat Computer Show, Nick's primary occupation has been as CEO of the [ RedSeven Computer Company] since 1997. With a strict adherence to the libertarian non-aggression principle, Nick's political views border on Anarcho-capitalism. Nick Coons is running for Congress (Nick Coons For Congress) on the Libertarian Party's ticket in 2010.

Richard Sutton - Born in Peru, Indiana as the youngest of seven children, Richard has lived in Phoenix, AZ since he was eight years old, and is currently married with two stepchildren. Richard enjoys reading both fiction and textbooks, and likes to occasionally go on multi-day backpacking trips. His interests politically are to bring sound reason to politics rather than the "let's do something!" feel good politics, and ran for the Phoenix City Council in 2004.

Jim Iannuzo - A Phoenix, Arizona business owner, Jim believes that citizens want and deserve a political system that respects them as unique individuals. He believes in a government that does not lead us away from the ideals of individual liberty and personal responsibility. Mr. Iannuzo holds a degree in electrical engineering and serves on various boards and technical committees. He is the current chairman of the Maricopa County Libertarian Party. He was elected and served on a charter school governing board in 2002. (Iannuzo for State Legislature)

Notable Guests

Dr. Walter Block - ([ audio archive, March 18, 2009]) - An Austrian school economist and libertarian/anarcho-capitalist philosopher, a Professor of Economics at Loyola University New Orleans, a Senior Fellow with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and a supporter of privatizing the nation's roads.

Jimmy Rogers - ([ audio archive, March 4, 2009]) - Mr. Rogers a well know investor analyzes the impact of deficit spending and the federal bailout.

Brian Lee Crowley - ([ audio archive, Feb 11, 2009]) - US politicians are working to create a nationalized health care system in this country. We need to understand why such a system is doomed to failure so we don't repeat the mistakes made by our neighbors to the north.

Mary Ruwart - ([ audio archive, Dec 3, 2008]) - Dr. Ruwart discussed government involvement in welfare and its negative impacts.

Brian Moore - ([ audio archive, Oct 8, 2008]) - The Socialist Party USA's presidential candidate joined the program to discuss his party's platform. The discussion became particularly heated when the candidate was confronted with free market solutions to minimum wage.

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