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BC Libertarian Party, established in 1986, has grown to a well structured party in the Millennium. With a 12 Member Executive Council, It also has a Regional Council base don the number of Constituency Association Presidents.

The 2022 AGM was held on May 4th 2022.


As of May 4th 2022:

President Businesswoman and former Party Deputy Leader and MLA (2020,2022 ByElection) Candidate as well as 2019 PPC MP Candidate, Sandra Filosof-Schipper

Vice President, Audio Visual Technician and 2017 MLA Candidate, Kyle McCormack

Leader, Software Engineer and Business Owner and 2020 MLA Candidate, Keith MacIntyre *Resigned

Acting Leader, former Mayoral, Council Candidate and Repeat MP and MLA Candidate, Alex Joehl

Treasurer, Accountancy Student, Dylan Davison

Secretary, Marketing Consultant, Brandi McLauchlan

Policy Chair/Exec Director, Shaun Carson

Outreach Chair/Exec Director, 2020 MLA Candidate, Logan Smith

Ethics Committee Chair and Exec Director, Comedian, Satirist and Candidate for Mayor of Vancouver (1996,2002,2005,2008,2011,2018,2022) and MLA (2020) and MP (2019,2021), Gölök Z L Buday.

Member At-Large/Executive Director, Former Lawyer, Milton Kiang

Regional Caucus Chair, retiree, Mitch Berard

Past President, Development Professional and 2020 MLA Candidte, Clayton Welwood

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  • Provincials are currently autonomous, which can be seen as obvious at times.

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