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Creation and Purpose

The Libertarian Leadership School is an educational program instituted by the Libertarian Party of the United States. The site on it's creation:

"At the August 2005 Kansas City meeting of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), the LNC voted to provide the state affiliates technical assistance and training. As a result, the Libertarian Leadership School (LLS) was created to fulfill these requirements while opening the door to everyone who desires political training." It was defunct by the 2008 LNC term.

The LLS as it is called was "developed the LLS to train prospective candidates, campaign staff, party members and activists in a variety of topics directly related to winning elections and moving public policy in a libertarian direction."

Each Course costs 50 dollars, in donations, however students can request sponsorship for courses. Some courses have additional costs for textbooks.

Courses, Structure, and Instructors

By using an E-School format many courses are available through the school. Of these:

Campus Organizing,
Candidate Recruitment,
Campaign Management,
Candidate Training,
Media Communications,
Campaign Fundraising,
Member Recruitment and

are all or soon will be available.

The Main instructors of it are Matthew Dailey, Sam New, and Shane Cory.


The follow people have all given donations to the LLS, and have endowments in their names:

Chris J. Rufer
Sheldon Rose
James R. Back
Wesley G. McCain
Vince Hanke
Frank Bond
Mark Skousen
Harland A. Machia
Ken Heinemann
Roger A. Hughes
Arjen Peirce
Daryl A. Kearns


About the LLS
The Courses Offered