Lee Brozen

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Lee (Parsons) Brozen
Personal Details
Birth: 1937
Midwest, United States
Death: March 1, 2023
Nice, France
Education: Carleton College, University of Chicago (AB’61, MBA’62)
Residence: Chicago, French Riviera

Lee (Parsons) Brozen (1937 – March 1, 2023) was a libertarian and distinguished alumna of the University of Chicago. Throughout her life, she was deeply committed to the principles of libertarianism and played an active role in various social and cultural endeavors. Her dedication to both her family and the libertarian movement left a lasting impact on those who knew her.

Early Life and Education

Born in the American Midwest, Brozen's life journey would take her from the heartland of the United States to the picturesque shores of the French Riviera. After completing her early education, she attended Carleton College before pursuing higher education at the University of Chicago. There, she earned her undergraduate degree in 1961 (AB'61) and subsequently obtained her Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 1962 (MBA'62). Her time at the University of Chicago would be a pivotal chapter in her life, shaping her intellectual foundation and forging lasting connections within the community.

Life in Chicago

Brozen made Chicago her home, where she dedicated herself to raising her family while simultaneously engaging in an active social life. She was a notable member of both the Arts Club and the Quadrangle Players, two prestigious cultural institutions in Chicago. These memberships reflected her enduring passion for the arts and culture, which she cultivated throughout her life.

Commitment to Libertarianism

One of the defining aspects of Brozen's life was her unwavering commitment to the libertarian movement. From her early years to her later life, she remained a steadfast advocate for libertarian principles. Her dedication to individual liberty and limited government intervention influenced her actions, conversations, and community involvement. She actively participated in libertarian causes, making a meaningful contribution to the ideological landscape.

Life in France

Brozen's connection with France was enduring and profound. For over five decades, she divided her time between summers and winters in France, creating a deep bond with the country and its culture. Her unwavering love for France and her status as a dedicated Francophile were central aspects of her identity.

Family and Legacy

Brozen's husband, Yale Brozen, was a prominent figure in the world of business economics and a professor at the University of Chicago until his passing in 1998. She is survived by her two sons, Yale Brozen II (LAB’81) and Reed Brozen (LAB’84, MD’92), and her beloved granddaughter, Isabel. Beyond her immediate family, Brozen leaves behind a network of nieces, nephews, friends, and admirers who were touched by her presence and influenced by her strong convictions.

Brozen will be fondly remembered as a devoted mother, a mentor, and a friend. Her strong convictions, sense of humor, and role as a gracious hostess of captivating gatherings will continue to resonate with those whose lives she touched. Her legacy as a libertarian activist and her enduring passion for the arts and culture will serve as a lasting tribute to a life well-lived. Brozen's contributions to both the University of Chicago community and the broader world will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come.