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This page was created for to-do items that might not be easy to do immediately and might make it easy for people to find things that need to be done.

Creating separate lists for recurring action items and one-time action items. As one-time action items are completed please strike them out.



  • Add all state-specific categories to Category:Categories by State
  • Template for Document namespace pages to point to their articles in the main namespace
  • Template for notes on Document namespace pages that aren't part of the document that provides a different background color (possibly white).
  • Succession boxes between entries of periodicals in the File namespace
  • Verify that unused account purge had no catastrophic consequences
  • Install UserMerge, write a bot, and merge permanently banned accounts into a deleted user account.
  • Find and fix character encoding errors (such as it’s) that remain from the migration


  • Go to Liberty Pledge and read the issues surrounding any "missing" issues to find any clues to see if any issues were skipped and place appropriate notes in article.
  • Go to Liberty Pledge and LP News and prepare an unordered list index under each issue listing the articles in each issue.
  • Go to Liberty Pledge and LP News and read to extract names to start or supplement articles. When an issue has been reviewed, put notes about what was done in the discussion page so others can see what has been done already.

If you are progressively working on a project, add your project and status to our Volunteer Projects Page.