Judicial Committee (2022-2026)

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The National Party Judicial Committee (Judicial Committee) is the final avenue of appeal, giving due process beyond the LNC for several enumerated areas of subject matter jurisdiction.


All members were elected at the National Convention 2022. Kinsella was later determined to be ineligible due to not having been a member for 4 years; he was appointed by the JC to fill the vacant slot two months later when he became eligible. Per the language of passed motion for email ballot "20220727-03  Implement rotating chairs", the JC decided to have rotating chairs of 7 month terms, except for the last term which will be six months in length. The JC selected Rob Latham as the first chair, from June to December 2022, with others following by random and consensus selection over the remainder of the four year term. The dates of serving as chair will be listed parenthetically by the member names above.

The JC adopted rules of appellate procedure in December 2022.


There have been no appeals to the Judicial Committee so far this term.