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Jonathan Howe
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Party: Libertarian
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Jonathan Howe was the Libertarian Party candidate for Congress in New York's 14th district in 2022, running against Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez. He was unable to get on the ballot.


Howe moved to New York in the late 2000s for college. In 2016, Howe enrolled in Cardozo Law School.

Howe is currently a Bronx public defender where he represent parents accused of neglect and abuse in Bronx Family court. Howe became a Public Defender because he wants to help level the playing field for the less fortunate. Howe has spent my career fighting against a deep pocketed and well-oiled government machine in order to keep families together. It didn’t take much time seeing the system in action to realize that the system that is intended to protect the most vulnerable in our society both largely fails to do so, and often actually victimizes them needlessly. Howe has since recognized that this issue isn’t limited to the Family Court System, but that the deck is stacked against the ordinary man by his own government who is supposed to protect and defend, but instead, it often victimizes him needlessly.

Howe believes in the individual. Howe believes that allowing individuals more power to pursue their own interests and seek justice for themselves, be it economic, environmental, or otherwise, leads to the best outcomes for all. Howe believes the current system is designed to satisfy the wealthy corporate donors at the expense of the health, wealth, and liberty of the simple individual.

Howe ran for Congress[1] because he wants to address the issues affecting our district from bottom up, instead of a top down. Howe believes in giving my neighbors and fellow New Yorkers the power to seek justice and to live freer and more prosperous lives. Howe has no desire to tell anyone how to live their life, and even less desire to make a career in politics.