John Farr

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John K. Farr
President, Board member
Corona Public Library Board, Riverside County Historical Commission
County Central Committee
Predecessor: Ron Holman
Successor: Gene Trosper
Personal Details
Birth: 1957
Riverside, California
Education: University of San Diego
Occupation: Teacher, School Administrator
Residence: Corona, California
Party: Libertarian

John Farr was the Riverside County Libertarian Party Chair from 1990 to 1993. Farr was appointed to the Corona Public Library Board and the Riverside County Historical Commission. He served two terms on the Corona Library Board as President and Board member. He served one term on the County Historical Commission. He was a candidate for the Palomar Mt. Resource Conservation Board in 1987 and was recognized for his election efforts by the Samuel Adams Society. In 1991, Farr was a California delegate to the National Libertarian Convention in Chicago. He cast his ballot for Andre Marrou for President and Nancy Lord for Vice President. These two candidates were nominated by the National Convention to represent the Libertarian Party in the 1992 U.S. Presidential election. Farr was elected as a member of the Libertarian Central Committee for Riverside County in 1992. John Farr ran as a Libertarian candidate in the primary election to the California State Senate to represent District 31. Farr lost as a write-in in the primary on March 3, 2020. Farr also ran as a Libertarian write-in candidate for California State Assembly. He lost that election as well in the primary.