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James C. "Jim" Alsis
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Director at Large
Director at Large of the Libertarian Party
Personal Details
Birth: January 4, 1949
Lake Worth, Florida
Death: March 26, 2023(2023-03-26) (aged 74)
Palm Beach County, Florida
Occupation: Plan reviewer at Palm Beach County Building Division
Residence: Palm Beach County, Florida
Party: Libertarian Party

James C. "Jim" Alsis (January 4, 1949 - March 26, 2023) was born in Lake Worth, Florida, to Leo and Adrienne Alsis (née LaRue). From a young age, his inclination towards individual rights and freedom became apparent.

Career and Advocacy

Alsis' professional career was rooted in the Palm Beach County Building Division, where he played an instrumental role in reviewing and approving building and construction plans. Many of Palm Beach County's prominent buildings bear the mark of his diligent oversight.

Outside his professional realm, Alsis was an ardent supporter of libertarian values. He served as the Director at Large of the Libertarian Party and was a staunch advocate for the 2nd Amendment. His voice resonated with many when he spoke at the NRA convention and as part of the Palm Beach County NRA Members Council.

Media Contributions

In addition to his political involvement, Alsis took to the airwaves with "Straight Talk With Jim Alsis," a talk radio show that delved into politics, philosophy, and the nuances of freedom and liberty. This platform further solidified his place as a respected commentator in libertarian circles.

Awards and Recognition

In recognition of his unwavering dedication to libertarian values and his impactful contributions, the Libertarian Party honored Alsis with the "I Have Made a Difference" award.

Personal Life and Legacy

Beyond his public persona, Alsis was known for his deep philosophical and theological insights. His ability to engage in thought-provoking discussions earned him the respect and admiration of many, including close friends like Dr. Richard A. Marks. Despite having no remaining relatives at the time of his death, his legacy lives on in the hearts of those he touched with his passion and wisdom.


Alsis passed away on March 26, 2023. His contribution to the realms of liberty and individual rights will be remembered and celebrated by many who shared his ideals.