Jeff Fortune

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Jeff Fortune
Oklahoma Libertarian Party
February 27, 2022—present
Predecessor: Kalon Wiggins
Personal Details
Residence: Oklahoma
Party: Libertarian
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Jeff Fortune is the current Vice-Chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party. Elected as the Development At-Large in 2021, his role involved not only representing the OKLP membership, but working with Officers to develop and implement a strategy to maximize Libertarian voter registrations, Party membership, and Party revenue. He is a member of the OKLP marketing committee and was instrumental in developing the 2021 branding.

Fortune is a former Chair of the Oklahoma County Libertarian Party affiliate, which he helped reboot in 2021.

2022 Campaign for LNC Region 7 Alternate

Fortune announced his candidacy for LNC Region 7 Alternate on May 10, 2022.

Organizational Positions

Oklahoma Libertarian Party
  • Vice-Chair (2022-present)
  • Development At-Large Representative (2021-2022)
Oklahoma County Libertarian Party
  • Chair (2021-2022)

Convention Delegate

National Convention