Jack Seaman

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Jack Seaman
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Personal Details
Residence: North Dakota
Party: Libertarian Party
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Jack Seaman is an American Politician who ran for the United States House of Representatives in North Dakota under the Libertarian Party in 2014


Jack Seaman lives in Fargo and has lived in North Dakota for over 30 years.

He is a husband to wife Aubrey, father to kids Robbie and Marisa, and chief spoiler to dogs Gizmo and Daisy.

A small businessman, he owns and operates MinDak Gold Exchange which deals in precious metals buying and selling.

Jack’s interests include travel, a decent poker game, travel, singing, travel and being a fill in talk radio host from time to time.

In 2014, in his first run for any political office, Jack was the Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. House. during his run, he appeared on TV and Radio shows Statewide.

Jack also participated in all seven debates that were held during the race. His race was key in a securing libertarian ballot access in the state of north dakota.[1]

Electoral History

2016 United States House of Representatives Election in North Dakota[2]

Party Candidate Votes  %
Republican Kevin Cramer (incumbent) 233,980 69.13%
Democratic-NPL Chase Iron Eyes 80,377 23.75%
Libertarian Jack Seaman 23,528 7.0%

2014 United States House of Representatives Election in North Dakota[3]

Party Candidate Votes  %
Republican Kevin Cramer (incumbent) 138,100 55.54%
Democratic-NPL George B. Sinner 95,678 38.48%
Libertarian Jack Seaman 14,531 5.8%


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