Howard Mallory

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Howard Mallory
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Alaska State House candidate
Personal Details
Birth: 1940
Anoka, Minnesota
Death: April 4, 2023(2023-04-04) (aged Expression error: Unrecognized word "birthm".)Expression error: Unrecognized word "birthm".Expression error: Unrecognized word "birthd".
Skagway, Alaska
Education: Degree in civil engineering, specializing in surveying and materials testing from North Dakota State College of Science
Military: North Dakota National Guard
Occupation: Civil engineer, entrepreneur, libertarian politician
Residence: Alaska (Various locations including Valdez, Juneau, and Skagway)
Party: Libertarian Party

Howard Mallory (1940 – April 4, 2023) was an influential Alaskan Libertarian, civil engineer, entrepreneur, and beloved Skagway resident. Known for his zest for life, his wit, and his engaging stories, he was an integral part of the communities he lived and worked in.

Early Life

Mallory was born in 1940 in Anoka, Minnesota to Cecilia (Kubis) Mallory and Archibald Mallory. He grew up as one of five boys in the Mallory family: Dale, Norman, Howard, Clyde, and Roy. During his adolescence, his family relocated to Medora, North Dakota, a place renowned for the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the outdoor amphitheater featuring the Medora Musical.

Following his high school graduation, where he was class salutatorian, Mallory pursued a degree in civil engineering at North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton. His specialization was in surveying and materials testing.


Mallory's early career was with the North Dakota Department of Transportation, followed by a stint with the Texas Department of Transportation working on a tunnel in Big Bend National Park. However, it was an offer from the State of Alaska Department of Transportation to aid in road construction in Valdez after the devastating 1964 Earthquake that set him on his dream path.

Over the years, Mallory worked in various parts of Alaska, including Valdez, Juneau, Sitka, and Yakutat. Some of his notable projects included laying out Egan Drive in Juneau, contributing to the Sitka bridge construction, and working on the road from “Old Valdez” to “New Valdez.”

Mallory's entrepreneurial spirit saw him establish a sandblasting and power washing company and introduce the first carwash and gas station in town, which he later sold in the 1990s.

He was a proud libertarian and made a bid for the Alaska State House in 1980 with Sioux Plummer as his campaign manager. Mallory was an advocate for abolishing taxes and was a frequent voice on the Problem Corner radio show. He also wrote various letters to the Juneau Empire and The Skagway News.

Personal Life

Upon arriving in Alaska, Mallory's social nature led him to Judy Kohake, an independent fiery redhead. The couple wed in Kelly, Kansas. They went on to have three children: Wayne, Scott, and Tara.

Mallory's entrepreneurial endeavors also extended to the hospitality industry. Responding to Skagway's housing shortage, he founded the Mile Zero Bed and Breakfast in 1993. This venture saw him hosting countless visitors and friends, creating lasting memories filled with laughter and camaraderie.

His love for travel led him to establish the "ALCAN MYWAY" personalized tour company. Mallory's tours were renowned for their unique personal touch.

Mallory was more than just the sum of his accomplishments. Known for his playful nature, Mallory was a fixture in the Skagway community, often seen at local clubs or sharing tales over a drink. Despite being diagnosed with dementia in his later years, his spirit and love for life remained undiminished. On April 4, 2023, surrounded by his loving family, Mallory passed away peacefully in his home.

Mallory is survived by his wife Judy, three children, and a large extended family. Through his varied professional undertakings, contributions to his community, and the rich tapestry of personal connections he wove throughout his life, Mallory leaves behind an indelible mark on Alaska and those who knew him.

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