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Henry Stuart Hazlitt
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Personal Details
Birth: November 28, 1894
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: July 9, 1993(1993-07-09) (aged 98)
Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
Education: City College, New York(No Degree)
Military: Army Air Service (1918)
Occupation: Economist, Author, News Paper Editor
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Henry Stuart Hazlitt (November 28, 1894—July 9, 1993) was an American journalist, literary critic, economist, and newspaper editor who wrote and edited business and finance articles for such publications as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and The Freeman. Hazlitt belonged to the Austrian School of Economics and is most notable for his 1946 book Economics in One Lesson. Despite never being trained as an economist, Henry Hazlitt's contribution to Libertarian economic thought is highly praised with Ludwig von Mises going as far as to call him “the economic conscience of our country and of our nation.”


  • Thinking as a Science, 1916
  • The Way to Will-Power, 1922
  • A Practical Program for America, 1932
  • The Anatomy of Criticism, 1933
  • Instead of Dictatorship, 1933
  • A New Constitution Now, 1942
  • Freedom in America: The Freeman (with Virgil Jordan), 1945
  • The Full Employment Bill: An Analysis, 1945
  • Economics in One Lesson, 1946
  • Will Dollars Save the World?, 1947
  • Forum: Do Current Events Indicate Greater Government Regulation, Nationalization, or Socialization?, Proceedings from a Conference Sponsored by The Economic and Business Foundation, 1948
  • The Illusions of Point Four, 1950
  • The Great Idea, 1951 (titled Time Will Run Back in Great Britain, revised and re-released with this title in 1966.)
  • The Free Man's Library, 1956
  • The Failure of the 'New Economics': An Analysis of the Keynesian Fallacies, 1959
  • The Critics of Keynesian Economics (ed.), 1960
  • What You Should Know About Inflation, 1960
  • The Foundations of Morality, 1964
  • Man vs. The Welfare State, 1969
  • The Conquest of Poverty, 1973
  • To Stop Inflation, Return to Gold, 1974
  • The Inflation Crisis, and How To Resolve It, 1978
  • From Bretton Woods to World Inflation, 1984
  • The Wisdom of the Stoics: Selections from Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius, with Frances Hazlitt, 1984
  • The Wisdom of Henry Hazlitt, 1993
  • Rules for Living: The Ethics of Social Cooperation, 1999 (an abridgment by Bettina Bien Greaves of Hazlitt's The Foundations of Morality.)
  • Business Tides: The Newsweek Era of Henry Hazlitt, 2011