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Hans Gustav Schroeder
Personal Details
Birth: April 8, 1938
Forest Grove, Pennsylvania
Death: November 12, 2023(2023-11-12) (aged 85)
Furlong, Pennsylvania
Education: Degree in Physics from Juniata College
Military: Pennsylvania National Guard
Occupation: General Contractor
Residence: Furlong, Pennsylvania
Party: Libertarian Party

Hans Gustav Schroeder (April 8, 1938 – November 12, 2023) was a libertarian activist and prominent figure in Pennsylvania. He is best known for his dedication to the Libertarian Party and his contributions to 'The Pragmatist,' a national Libertarian magazine.

Early Life

Schroeder was born on April 8, 1938, in Forest Grove, Pennsylvania, to John and Helen (Weiss) Schroeder. He was the eldest child and is survived by his siblings, Greta Curry, Wilhelm (Wes) Schroeder, and Karin Choi. Schroeder was married to Judith Rupinski for 41 years until her passing.

He completed his high school education at Central Bucks High School and went on to graduate from Juniata College with a degree in Physics. Following his education, he embarked on a diverse career journey that included various jobs in industry and service in the Pennsylvania National Guard. Eventually, he found his calling as a general contractor, partnering with his brother Wes. For over 50 years, the Schroeder Brothers specialized in renovating old and historic structures in Bucks County.

Libertarian Activism

Schroeder was a dedicated champion of libertarian principles in Pennsylvania. He played a pivotal role in the Libertarian Party's growth and was the party's candidate for U.S. Congress in 1980 and 1982. Schroeder was widely recognized for his influential editorial work in 'The Pragmatist,' a national Libertarian magazine, where he authored numerous articles and editorials. He also served as a delegate to multiple Libertarian national conventions, where he actively contributed to the party's development.

Personal Life

Schroeder lived a life filled with curiosity and diverse experiences. He and his late wife, Judith Rupinski, shared a love for travel, embarking on numerous cruises worldwide with her family. Additionally, he was an avid skier, exploring mountains across the United States and Europe. In February 2023, he enjoyed a week of skiing in Sun Valley as a member of the Tiroler Ski Club and maintained a season pass at Blue Mountain until his passing.

One of Schroeder's greatest joys in life was the companionship of the many dogs he and Judy rescued over the years. He will be remembered for his deep connection with his beloved dog 'Print' and his current canine companion, 'Diamond.'


In addition to his surviving siblings, Schroeder leaves behind nephews David, John, Jeffrey, and Kurt, as well as nieces Susan and Kristina. He is also remembered by his late wife's sister, Jill Rupinski. Schroeder's dedication to libertarian principles and his contributions to the renovation of historic structures have left a lasting impact on Pennsylvania and the Libertarian Party.