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Grassroots Libertarians Caucu
General Information

According to the group's web page, the Grassroots Libertarians Caucus is a group of activists within the Libertarian Party of the United States, part of the global libertarian movement.


The caucus was founded by Starchild in 2005, and exists to promote the following "Five Key Values":

(I) BOTTOM-UP, NOT TOP-DOWN. We see a party that too often takes after the establishment parties and corporations rather than manifesting itself as a grassroots organization with revolutionary goals. We seek a decentralized Libertarian Party run by its members and activists rather than by a centralized clique of corporate-oriented professionals.

(II) POLITICALLY BALANCED. We see a party which has become too conservative in both style and substance. We seek to restore a balanced approach to Libertarian Party policy-making and outreach that strives to appeal to the political left as much as to the political right and emphasizes personal liberty no less than economic liberty.

(III) FUN, BOLD, AND FREE-SPIRITED. We see a party that has become too staid, timid, boring, and unimaginative. We seek a culture within the Libertarian Party that is bolder, more irreverent, more free-spirited, more creative, and more fun-loving.

(IV) RADICAL AND PROUD. We see a party that has become too ashamed of its own ideals, a place where "idealist" is too often treated as a dirty word. We seek a party in which Libertarians proudly share a sense of solidarity as radical freedom fighters in a larger movement committed to the vision of worldwide individual liberty expressed in the Preamble and Statement of Principles of the Libertarian Party's national platform.

(V) YOUTH-FOCUSED. We see a party that is largely failing to connect with young people. We seek a Libertarian Party whose style, structure, culture, and materials speak first and foremost to the younger generations who hold the future in their hands.

The Grassroots Libertarians Caucus is a Yahoogroup which currently has 80 members. The sole criterion for membership is agreement with the Five Key Values.

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