Gordon Beerbower

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Gordon Neil Beerbower
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Personal Details
Birth: March 26, 1943
Detroit, Michigan
Death: August 23, 2023(2023-08-23) (aged 80)
Novi, Michigan
Military: Marine Corps (Vietnam War)
Occupation: Journeyman at General Motors, Paralegal, Pilot, Libertarian politician
Party: Libertarian
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Gordon Neil Beerbower (March 26, 1943 - August 23, 2023) was a remarkable individual marked by his love for adventure, family, and a staunch libertarian ideology. His diverse journey, ranging from humble beginnings in Detroit to military service and political endeavors, showcased his passion for life and commitment to his beliefs.

Early Life and Family

Born in Detroit, Michigan, into the Beerbower family, Gordon cherished the moments with his brothers, cousins, and the entire large family. The idyllic times spent on his grandfather's farm shaped his formative years. The untimely loss of his father at age 13 left his devoted schoolteacher mother, Doris Beerbower, with the responsibility of raising him alongside his siblings.

Military Service and World Exploration

Drawn to a sense of duty and an innate desire for adventure, Beerbower enlisted in the armed forces, serving as a Marine during the tumultuous times of the Vietnam War. This service became a gateway for him to traverse the world, covering more than 20 countries, from the Amazonian heartland of Brazil to the culturally rich expanses of Japan. He made it a point to explore almost every state within the US. However, it was his journey to Mexico that became a pivotal point in his life when he met and fell profoundly in love with Ana Maria. Their unique courtship, marked by love letters translated by a colleague due to the language barrier, blossomed into a life filled with shared adventures.

A Life of Positivity, Learning, and Diversity

Known for his simple and cheerful disposition, Beerbower relished in life's small joys and had an enduring fondness for good food. His insatiable curiosity and voracious appetite for learning earned him the reputation of a philomath. His multifaceted career included roles as a journeyman at General Motors, a paralegal, an aircraft pilot, and notably, a Libertarian candidate for the Michigan Congress, reflecting his diverse interests and skills.

Legacy and Family

His fervor for adventure and learning was a gift he lovingly passed to his daughter, Ana. He ensured she experienced the wonders of local fairs, libraries, parades, circuses, and other cultural spectacles. Beerbower's legacy is celebrated by his surviving family, including daughter Ana, son-in-law Ashish, and beloved granddaughters Lara and Selena. He is also fondly remembered by his sibling, Lynn (Carole), and joins his wife Ana Maria, parents Cecil and Doris Beerbower, and late brother Lee in the afterlife.

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