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Glossary of terms -- especially cryptic ones -- used in LP circles.

  • Big L Libertarian -- Libertarian with a capital L. A member of the Libertarian Party. People who are big L should also qualify as little L.
  • butter -- A person who says "I believe in liberty but _______"
  • Libertarian Macho Flash -- a logical, rational, and often harsh-sounding way of presenting libertarian ideas that appeals to rational personality types, but confuses or offends almost everyone else.
  • Libertarian Weak Bladder Syndrome -- A counterproductive tendency to water libertarian ideas down too much in order to fit in.
  • LINO -- Libertarian in Name Only. Someone who fails at being a little L libertarian while wearing the big L label.
  • LMF -- see Libertarian Macho Flash
  • LWBS -- see Libertarian Weak Bladder Syndrome
  • NAP -- see Nonagression Principle
  • Nonagression Principle -- That it is morally, ethically, and politically wrong to initiate force against others. Responses to such initiations with force can be appropriate and even necessary.
  • Small L Libertarian -- a libertarian who may or may not be a member of the Libertarian Party. Small L libertarians can be found in surprising places. Including most other political parties -- including the Green Party.