Frank Longo

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Frank Longo
Frank Longo.jpg
Libertarian Party of Florida
Vice Chair
Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation Board, Group 2
Personal Details
Birth: February 10, 1945
Brooklyn, New York
Death: December 5, 2020(2020-12-05) (aged 75)
Delray Beach, Florida
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Long Island University (1968)
Occupation: Political Figure
Residence: Boca Raton, Florida (from 1988)
Party: Libertarian Party

Francis J. "Frank" Longo (February 10, 1945 – December 5, 2020) was a libertarian activist, known for his contributions to the Libertarian Party of Florida. He held office in various capacities and was recognized for his contributions to the party and local governance.

Early Life and Education

Longo was born on February 10, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York, to Maurice M. and Gloria M. Longo. He graduated from Long Island University in October of 1968, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics.

Personal Life

Longo married Lois E. on September 4, 1967, and together they raised two children: Jon and Elizabeth. The family moved to Boca Raton in 1988. Tragically, Lois passed away on January 25, 1996. He later married Carol L. on April 19, 1997, describing her as the second love of his life. Longo often mentioned his fortune in having married his two best friends. Apart from his political endeavors, Longo had a keen interest in photography, history, and enjoyed fine single malt scotch.

Longo is survived by his wife Carol Longo; his son, Jon (Michelle); his daughter, Elizabeth (Mark); his stepson, John; and three grandchildren: Allison, Jenna, and Reece. He also left behind his brother Gregory (Susan) and numerous cousins.

Political Career

Longo's political journey primarily revolved around his involvement with the Libertarian Party. In a quote from Orlando Weekly on November 7, 2002, as the Party chairman, he expressed pride in the Libertarian Party's contribution to democracy by stating, "We opened up 42 elections that might never have taken place because the major-party candidates were unopposed. Our victory is advancing our cause because we have the new ideas. As the public becomes aware of us, they're going to start looking for that change."

In 2004, Longo attended the Libertarian national convention in Atlanta, where he was nominated for a position on the Judicial Committee, although he did not secure a seat.

Additionally, Longo was committed to local governance and held office in the PALM BEACH Soil and Water Conservation District. Between 2002 and 2008, he served as the Vice Chair for the Soil and Water Conservation Board, representing Palm Beach County Group 2. His stance on land management, as reported by the South Florida SunSentinel, showcased his dedication to a holistic approach to conservation that differed from the contemporary views of other officials.

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