Erie County Convention 2018

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2018 Erie County Libertarian Party Convention
Dates: Augsut 25, 2018
Location: Erie County, New York
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The 2018 Erie County Libertarian Party Convention occurred on August 25, 2018.


In a post on the ECLP Facebook page by Alyce Auman:

We held our county convention today. It was a great time. The LPNY Chair Jim Rosenbeck was present and spoke to us about growth and the focus on taking our state back. There has been a lot of excitement in the Libertarian Party as a whole this year, however my personal enjoyment has been watching the excitement and growth across the state of New York and also here in Erie County. We have elected new officers and we have a solid plan of how we intend to grow locally and what our growth will mean for our local areas and freedoms that we seek for ALL.

If anyone would like to:

A. become a registered voter/change their party affiliation B. become an Erie County Libertarian member C. become a Libertarian Party of NY member D. become a National Libertarian Party member E. help with candidate recruitment F. help with campaigns G. volunteer any time or knowledge in helping our county and state grow- join a committee to help a focus group H. Inform us of things going on in your community that you need help addressing that violates rights or is hurting your community

or have any other questions, suggestions, requests- please don't hesitate to reach out. You can message this page, or send an email to or reach out to officers directly. Thank you all so much and let's take back our rights.

Alyce Auman Erie County Libertarian Party Vice Chair

The following officer appointments took place today:

Edward L Garrett (founding member) Chair Alyce Auman Vice Chair Kevin M. Cruver Secretary Duane Whitmer Treasurer

Election of Officers