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Original source:

OCR Scanned and entered by Ken Moellman on 6/5/15

(text above copied from earlier version of the page itself)

As part of reformatting this for a "Document" page, I found quite a few errors, apparently arising from the OCR process. This included not only incorrect punctuation (e.g., dash vs. hyphen), but also things like "8" instead of "S" and "I" instead of "1". I fixed the ones I noticed, but I didn't read it through word by word. That might be something for somebody to do in the future.

Also, there was apparently an error in the formatting of the printed version, in that the major heading "Foreign Affairs" was omitted. This text shows what I believe was the "real" platform, and should remain that way unless somebody can find evidence that the convention actually meant for that structure to be changed (which seems extremely unlikely, and I don't recall any such thing happening during that era).

JWD3 (talk) 21:06, 10 May 2017 (UTC)